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LATEST NEWS (about the blog)

Hi folks. We're working hard on our new blog page. It should be ready in a few weeks.

Meanwhile, we've been busy with some other projects too--the Fancy Food Show, our new book, and the giant birthday cake we made for Hoda's birthday on the Today Show!

It's a fabulous three-tier cake that took us all week to make. See it in the video below.

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Here are some fun recipe facts about Hoda's cake:

The bottom tier is a rectangular layer cake, made to look like the beach, Hoda's favorite place. A cupcake shaped like her adorable dog Blake is riding an egg bagel painted fire engine red!! (The waves are made out of S-shaped "Breakfast Treat" cookies dipped in blue chocolate.)

The second tier plays tribute to Hoda's love for music. It's decked out in sugar-cookie guitars and musical notes. 

The third tier is made from Hoda's mother Sammy's baklava recipe. A few years ago, after appearing on the Today Show, Hoda was sweet enough to send us the recipe. We were excited to use it!! And as you can see in the video clip--so was Hoda!!!

Have fun watching the video. And DON'T FORGET TO FILL OUT OUR NEW SUBSCRIPTION FORM which you'll find at the very bottom of this page. That way, you'll be ready when the new blog debuts.

By mid-August (or thereabouts), our old web address (hellocupcakebook.com) will take you to our beautiful, brand new, super-active blog!!! We can't wait to get started!!!

We miss you. See you soon.

Alan and Karen



Hi everyone. You may have noticed that we're having BIG TROUBLE with our blog right now. We are working furiously to fix the problem--AND WE WILL!!!

But in the meantime, there's something you can do for us. We need you to re-subscribe to the blog.

That's the easiest way for us to deliver all the LATEST NEWS, CUPCAKE IDEAS AND RECIPES we create every week.

So fill out the SUBSCRIPTION FORM below and as soon as we're up and running, you'll be the first to know!!

See you very, very soon with a lot more fun projects. 

Alan and Karen

p.s. If you don't subscribe, make sure to check back here for the latest news on our NEW BLOG!!!

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